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Aaaaaand I’m back…

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Not that I post that much anymore, but I hated seeing that parked domain page instead of Phoebe’s face on my homepage. I probably just could’ve switched my homepage to www.phoeberulesallandisgoingtoliveforever.com. But I don’t think it exists. It should.

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Get your own email address

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In the past week, a few someones (who I don’t know) used my email address to:

Sign me up for a senior’s dating site. (WTF???)

Send me an email to inform me of their upcoming six week trip to Mexico, along with health updates of their friends. (OMG! Bob had his gallbladder out!)

Create a tumblr blog. I was really annoyed by the tumblr blog (mostly because I associate it with annoying teenagers) so I went into it, changed the password and deleted all the posts (which were just reposts of other people’s stuff, nothing personal) and then changed the one post that the email-stealer did, from a self-portrait of a teenage girl (of course it was) to a picture of Bon Jovi and a note telling her to not to use my email address when creating tumblr shit.

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Stupid diet saying

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Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

I hate this statement. I see it on Pinterest all the time and ┬áit’s such a stupid thing to say. And it’s not fucking true. I’ve been skinny (or at least thinner) and it’s total horseshit. A bunch of things totally taste better.

Here’s my list of things that taste better than skinny feels…

  • A big giant cheesesteak. Preferably from a subshop that knows their shit when it comes to a good cheesesteak. With mayo. Yum.
  • This bread. I’ve made it. It’s really smack your mama good. (No, I wouldn’t actually smack my mother. She’d totally win that fight.)
  • Cheez-its. I don’t care about whatever processed fake-ass chemicals are in there. I could eat a box of those a day.
  • Pizza. Duh. Extra cheese, pepperoni, onions, banana peppers, black olives and mushrooms. I’d eat that and not care about the fast train to Heartburn City that I would be on afterwards.

That’s enough for now. I’m really hungry and there are none of these things in the house. But hey, I’ve got apples. Yeah, totally the same thing. No, no, no, no.

Today’s post was obviously brought to you by me eating my lunch at 10am and not having anything else to eat for the next five hours at school and being really freaking hungry and pissed about my new 1300-1500 calorie/day diet.

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Mass update and a lab story

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As of Monday morning’s weigh-in, I’m down two pounds. BFD. My pants still won’t button and that stupid badge is still on the positive gaining side. But it’s a start I guess. I like the more dramatic water loss weigh-ins, but it’s better than a two pound gain. Slow and steady, boring and undramatic, blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the lab story. My analytical chemistry lab is Friday afternoon, the worst time for a lab. It’s 3.5 hours of standing up doing lab shit at the end of the week when my brain is pretty much full. I still enjoy the lab though, it’s interesting, and I’m pretty good about getting shit done with good results. In other words, I usually have both good precision and good accuracy. (Ha! Fancy new science vocab…) But last Friday was bad. The lab was a titration lab. I’ve done titrations in my other chemistry classes and had no problem with them, so I was thinking I’d be in and out and home in no time (or Millertime).

Yeah, I was cocky. The lab wanted us to titrate three different samples and have the concentrations to be within 0.0005 of each other. Yeah, kinda picky. I did FIVE different titrations and none of them were even sort of close (not precise or accurate, WTF?). I have no idea why, I was careful, I took my time. It was so frustrating, then I have the skinny chick at the other table yelling about how all three of her’s were within 0.0003. She got the stinkeye and a “Bitch, STFU” inside my head. Not very mature of me, but I was annoyed. Oh, and really hungry at that point. This lab has a part two, so it looks like I’ll be doing this lab again next week in addition to the part two. My middle name with be titrate at the end of this week.

So instead of making the homemade pizza I had originally planned for, we drove thru the neighborhood McDs on the way home. Anna got a happy meal (with the build-a-bear toy, it’s a good one) and I got a filet o fish. Man, that tasted really good. And then I ate the rest of Anna’s cheeseburger that she didn’t want and I might have also had a small shamrock shake. (Took the whipped cream off of it, because ew gross. I don’t get the love for the Shamrock shakes, people go apeshit on facebook every year around this time. I got one just to see if they were that apeshit good, and I didn’t think so. I finished it anyway, I still had feelings to eat.) Yeah, I went way over my allotted calories that day. I blame Friday’s disastrous lab.

Just in case you are really interested in performing a titration with a buret, here’s a video for your enjoyment.

And yes, she says stopcock. Repeatedly. Jeez, grow up… hee hee hee

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Nope, not dead

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Yeeesh, just give up the blog already, right? Not really back from the dead, more like back from the disinterested. So far 2012 has not been shaping up to be a stellar year, in fact it’s been pretty crappy so far. But hey, onward and upward, right? Think positive, all that good shit.

With the more positive spin, I’ve decided to focus on the outward and shallow. I signed back into my livestrong.com account and started keeping track of my calories to try to lose weight. The site told me that at my height/weight/activity level, I should aim for 1250 calories/day if I want to lose 2 lbs/week. It’s been four days and I’ve gone over every day. But I’ve kept them below 1500 cal/day. Good start, I guess. Portion control, better food choices, blah blah blah… I’ll start throwing in some exercise next week. One week at a time.

You know what’s more boring that a never-updated website? A weight-loss website. But whatever. Maybe it will keep me motivated.

Last time I was using the livestrong.com site, I was a little lighter than I am now. The funny thing is that there’s a badge that you use to put on your website that has your weight change. Mine said, “I’ve gained 15 pounds using Livestrong.com” Ha! Maybe not the best marketing tool.

Start your success with the LIVESTRONG.COM calorie counter.

It says 11, but you know how you lose the water weight? Yeah, that. Plus I weigh myself first thing in morning after getting rid of everything that could possibly add an ounce or two. That’s all the detail I’ll share about that. Although, I even take off my glasses. Issues, I gots them.

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